Ecotherapy Awareness Workshops

Ecotherapy is much more than a walk in the woods. The invitation is to spend a day outdoors with the intention of creating a deeper connection to Nature and in the process increase our sense of well-being.

The use of the outdoors for well-being is becoming increasingly popular. The ecotherapy I train people to use is leading edge in its use of specific activities that bring people closer to nature and in turn improves their well-being. There is a particular emphasis on mindfulness and sensory awareness. You do not have to have had any previous experience of mindfulness to take part.

You will experience the ecotherapy activities I do with my clients and receive the positive benefits for yourself. There will also be an opportunity to reflect on ecotherapy and how it relates to your professional work *.

Participants will receive a free e-booklet on ecotherapy and how to build it into your practice plus a collection of detailed instructions for carrying out the ecotherapy activities we do on the day.

You will be given a CPD attendance certificate and receipt.

* If you are not a mental health professional or outdoors educator and have come just to experience ecotherapy and its benefits that’s fine.


Epping Forest

We spend the whole day in the Forest exploring the trees, streams and open meadows.


My plans for this year, at the moment, are to do one workshop on the 9th June in Epping Forest

9.00 to 5.00

Download Booking Form


Download the Booking Form for Saturday 9 June Workshop

How much?

Organisations  £95

Individuals      £45

A deposit of £10 secures your place

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