Today’s walk was after a break while I went on holiday to Austria. Now the grasses in the country park are yellowing and loosing their seeds. Many of the birds, having raised their young, have gone quiet while they moult their feathers. We noticed the brambles are covered in green berries already ripening in the heat. We spent a long time taking in the slowness that comes with the height of summer in July.

We watched a heron sitting on a No Fishing sign. A model of patience as young coots splashed beneath him and in the process disturbed the fish. We saw parent coots repeatedly try and drown young coots who were too persistent in begging for food. Shocking at first but then we empathised with the parents having to feed five capable youngsters still wanting to be at home stays with everything laid on for them. Someone found a dead young crow which hadn’t lasted more than a few weeks. With all the abundance of summer death still happens. Somehow two hours just slipped away in all that warm breeze.