Weekly Ecotherapy Sessions – Well-being in Nature

These walks are no longer taking place.

Well-being in Nature is an ecotherapy walk. Ecotherapy is about creating a deeper connection to nature and feeling better for it.

Ecotherapy uses specific techniques to enhance well-being, really relax you, and be a tonic for mind, body and soul. It is an evidence based practice, promoted by Mind and supported by the North East London Foundation Trust NHS.

What happens on an ecotherapy walk? The walk is open to anyone. I focus my publicity for the walk on people who have experienced ‘mental illness’. However I don’t want to know anyone’s diagnosis or labels. I don’t do therapy on the walk, I leave that up to you and the natural world. My role is to be a guide into nature. You don’t have to be referred, and its free. Just turn up when you feel like it and join the walk. It helps to bring a friend or carer on the first visit if you are not feeling confident meeting a new group. Its also ok just to tag along and be silent. We are a mixed bunch and I’m sure you will find a place. Part of my job is to make sure every newcomer feels safe and welcomed.

Mindfulness plays an important part in this form of ecotherapy. Each walk begins with a relaxation session in the woods before going off to explore the park at a leisurely pace. We may stop at any point to do an activity or just notice something of interest like an interesting flower or bird. How much you join in is up to you entirely.

We are a group made up of regulars and newcomers. On average half a dozen people take part at the moment.

Dress for the occasion.  Wear shoes you don’t mind getting a bit muddy, like old trainers. Warm waterproof clothes made up of layers (T-shirt, shirt, jumper, coat for example) are essential. Better to be too warm that be cold. In summer bring a bottle of water and maybe a hat and suncream.


The Memory Service for Barking and Dagenham run ecotherapy sessions alternate Wednesdays from the Millennium Cafe in Eastbrookend Country Park. Contact Nicky Tann, Memory Service, Broad Street Health Centre, Morland Road Dagenham, Essex, RM10 9HU. Tel: 0300 555 1017   x 65296/7

Download the information above as a leaflet to give to others.

Weekly sessions

I am sorry to say these sessions are no longer taking place. See below for the Memory Service walks. Every Wednesday. Meeting at 12.30 in the cafe. Start the walk at 1.00pm and finished by 3.00.


Meet in the Millennium Café, Eastbrookend Country Park, ‘The Chase’ Dagenham Road, Beconstree Heath.

How do I get there?

Bus 174 to Dagenham Marsh Way or Harold Hill Dagnam Park Square.

Get off at the Farmhouse Tavern. You are then in Dagenham Road. Turn off at the sharp corner with the brown sign: Eastbrookend Country Park. The entrance to the Eastbrookend Country Park is just on the right. Cross the car park and go into the wooden building. We meet in the cafe at the left hand end.