Heart of Yew book DViThe Heart of Yew is a book of poems by Jehanne Mehta inspired by the yew tree and illustrated with my photographs. You can buy a copy from the publishers Cygnus Books.

Towards the end of the last Millennium I spent about four years on a photographic project exploring our ancient yews. I visited over 400 trees around Britain. One of the additional outcomes was the setting up of the Ancient Yew Group with four other people, (www.ancient-yew.org) to conserve and inform others of our unique ancient yew heritage. Another was to make greetings and post cards, and yet another was to be asked to put on a series of exhibitions, one of which was at Ruskin Mill near Stroud. It was there that I met Jehanne and out of our conversations came the idea of producing a book of her poems and my photographs. At the time colour printing was prohibitively expensive and the idea was put to one side. But the digital era has brought production costs right down and last year Cygnus Books invited Jehanne to produce a book of some of her poems, and the project was brought to life again. This time the book also has a CD of Jehanne reading her poems and Fred Hageneder playing interludes on his yew wood harp.

The book is beautifully produced and would make a good Christmas present for anyone who enjoys poetry and nature.