My photography and ecotherapy are both aspects of my lifelong fascination with nature and my philosophical take on life. I’ve been taking photographs since I was a teenager. The majority of my photographs are of the natural world. I particularly like close up and macro work. I also have an eye for abstract looking images in nature, for example the yew bark images. I wrote and took all the pictures for the first photographic guide to British dragonflies. It is entitled – A Complete Guide to British Dragonflies, 1986, Jonathan Cape, London. In the 1990s I spent four years on a project photographing ancient yew trees, mostly in Britain. I have sold images and exhibited internationally.

I have various small projects on the go. In the past few years I have been working with the ideas of Japanese aesthetics.  A key concept is wabi-sabi. I take wabi-sabi to mean seeing impermanence, imperfection and incompleteness in things. A breaking bud or dying bloom has wabi-sabi, reminding us of the transience of life. Maybe I will write more about is in a blog sometime.

I will get round to setting up the means to commercially sell images and buy prints. For the moment if there is anything you are particularly interested inget in touch with me.

Look out for the set of cards and postcards on yew trees. Details to be uploaded in time.