Today’s ecotherapy walk took us over the railway line to another park, Beam valley park with its new bridge allowing access to a whole new landscape. The council, despite government cuts, has built a good solid bridge across the river Beam. And it has put up wooden sign posts with distances to different locations in many places. We walked so slowly, stopping to look at holly blue butterflies, tasting the first edible blackberries of the year (next week we will pick some!), and generally chatting, that we didn’t get too far. By the time we got to the bridge and gone 100 yards it was time to amble back. The photo is of most of the group just before we turned back.

There have been some new members recently and we had two newcomers today. Just as we were saying our goodbyes one of the new people produced a pine cone decorated with flowers. We were all very impressed with it and that he had been so creative. A wonderful surprise and a great idea.