With Nature in Mind

The Ecotherapy Manual for Mental Health Professionals
The Book Cover


Mental health professionals, psychologists, nurses, occupational therapists, support workers, nurses, carers.

Also therapists, counsellors, stress management trainers, countryside rangers and conservation managers, mental health charities’ local groups eg Mind, Richmond Fellowship. Undergraduate students at university or college.

With Nature in Mind: the ecotherapy manual is the first evidence based guide for mental health professionals who want to use mindfulness based ecotherapy in their work.

Ecotherapy is about creating a deeper connection to nature and feeling better for it. The book explains the importance of contact with nature for recovery and emotional resilience accompanied by underpinning research evidence and activities to use with clients.

One important strength of this book is that it offers the combined therapeutic power of both mindfulness and being out in nature for improving well-being and self understanding. Mindfulness is a central theme in this work.

Publication Date: 21 April 2016

Price: £19.99/$20.13

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The book includes a critical review of the latest evidence regarding the effects of the natural world on human experience.  The book also explores current theoretical explanations as to why nature has a positive effect on the human mind. Practitioners can be sure they are using an evidence based approach to the work.

With Nature in Mind is a very practical, easy to use book providing everything a practitioner needs to know about using the natural world to improve people’s mood and well-being. It contains 100 proven activities tested on hundreds of clients and workshop participants. Detailed professional guidance is provided on aims, materials and instructions for each activity.

The varied activities encourage mindfulness, a fascination with the natural world, creativity, personal reflection, group interaction, fun, spiritual inspiration and sensory awareness.