Autumn Colours

On this weeks Well-being in Nature walk there were nine of us. At one o’ clock the rain stopped and the sun came out as it so often does on our walks. Today was the day to appreciate the changing colours of autumn. A final fling of reds, greens, yellows and oranges before winter gets going. I also wanted us to take a look at the river Rom because it had been raining all night and I thought it might be lively.

The photos say a lot about our walk. The dogwood bushes are turning a crimson red and you can see how full the Rom is. I suggested that today we could see how many different colours of leaves we could find. I brought a bag with me and used it to saver our finds in. After we had done the relaxation exercises by the river we sorted through the leaves, talked about the different shapes and colours and tried to put names to them. At the end I took a photo of our collection.

New book on ecotherapy

I have finally completed the manuscript for my new book and handed it over to the publishers Jessica Kingsley! 113,00 words after three winters of research and writing. It is provisionally entitled With Nature in Mind: a manual of ecotherapy for mental health professionals. It is planned to be out at the end of April 2016. It will be available in the UK and USA in print and e-formats.

With Nature in Mind begins with a discussion on what is ecotherapy, and the distinctive way I work. An emphasis is placed on mindfulness and sensory awareness. It offers guidance on how to integrate ecotherapy into your work and how to overcome some of the difficulties of bringing people closer to nature. The theoretical explanations as to why we might be attracted to being in nature are also discussed. A middle section includes chapters reviewing the evidence base for our positive connections to nature. The final section, and a substantial part of the book, has over 100 activities that can done with people out in nature. Detailed instructions are accompanied by the aims and lists of any materials or specific locations needed in order to do the activity. The book is written for mental health professionals, psychotherapists, occupational therapists, counsellors, wildlife educators and park rangers. It is academically referenced but I hope written in a readable and accessible style.

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