Today’s WIN (Well-being in Nature) walk began just as the rain was stopping. The leaves were falling continuously as we did our relaxation exercises in the woods and it felt really mild for November. We decided just to go for a wander and not aim for anywhere in particular.

Between conversations we saw some beautiful sights, including flocks of geese flying low and many brilliantly coloured  autumn trees. At one point, as the dark clouds moved east, the sun came out low in the sky lighting up the trees and even showing a piece of rainbow. We just stood and wowed the scene Рsuch contrast between really dark grey sky and brilliant colours.

Then towards the end of the walk we noticed a group of crows high up in a row of poplars. Crows don’t usually gather in big numbers. As we stood there we could see crows flying in to join the group from far far away. They were making quite a racket and we realised they were attracting a lot of attention. We counted well over 30 crows and more coming in as we left them to it. The gathering may have been a post breeding get together for un-paired crows or more likely a pre-roost gathering before settling down nearby.